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EMDR with a Counselling Psychologist Helps Overcome Painful Experiences

Posted last July 15, 2013, 2:59 am in Health report article

Traumatic incidents such as natural disasters, violence and accidents can have a devastating impact on people’s lives.  These emotionally charged memories and events can rock the foundation of our being by negatively impacting thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  These limiting life patterns then cause us to negatively change how we view ourselves.  As anger or the avoidanceof socializing often characterizes traumatized people, friends and family also are affected.

Events that are experienced as traumatic tend to disable one’s ability to recall non-disturbing life eventswhich also promote a negatively skewed view one’s past.  For example, an adult abused as a child often has difficulty recalling positive childhood events.  Following successful EMDR treatment with a counsellor or a psychologist they often begin to recall positive memories from their childhood.  In this same sense, individuals rediscover formerly unavailable memories of themselves which results in them have a fuller, and more accurate, view of themselves both in the past and in their present.

As our central nervous systems stores unprocessed traumatic memories in the present tense, EMDR targets the origins of people’s limiting life patterns by identifying root events and the accompanying negative beliefs that stemmed from these events.  Often the result of an EMDR session is the remembering of an “objective memory.”  That is, a memory that is no longer emotionally charged and the events are simply a state of fact.  This objective memory allows people to experience the memory as in the past rather than alive in the present.  This allows one to move from the perspective of “It happened to me” to “It happened.”  This acknowledgement is key in releasing the negative emotional charge of this memory.

As EMDR treatment transforms negatively emotionally charged memories to objective memories, core negative beliefs about oneself and one’s world are also being transformed.  Victims of trauma move from believing they are unlovable, shameful, or cannot trust anyone to “I am loveable” and “I can appropriately trust people.”  Similarly, as one’s core beliefs about themselves become increasingly adaptable, positive behavior shifts also occur.  Unhealthy patterns reduce and are spontaneously replaced by more positive, and healthy, behaviors.

EMDR helps people understand that their stories and their histories do not define them.  During EMDR therapy sessions individuals experience an unbinding from their past and healing emerges spontaneously.  New insights originate which afford one the opportunity to experience their true essence.  When the true essence of who they are emerges free from the negative beliefs, feelings and behaviors from their past – they are truly able to live fully in the present and fully experience their life from a place of comfort and peace.