Friday, February 15, 2019 08:41 PM
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Protection Equipment And Garments For Welding

Posted last July 13, 2017, 6:12 pm in Health report article

The radiation and intense light produced by a welding arc can cause serious injuries. Welding operations can be made completely safe by wearing appropriate clothing and equipment. The safety gear protects welders from serious burns and UV exposure. It is not recommended to wear a casual dress while performing any kind of task related to welding.

Welding helmet is one of the basic safety equipment that enables a welder to see clearly and provides protection against hot slag that can fly off from the weld. The article will point out essential safety garments that a welder should wear in order to make his work safe.

There is a variety of safety garments manufactured to meet the unique needs of workers.  Welders have to use more than one safety equipment in order to protect body parts vulnerable to various hazards. Following are some of the essential safety garments and equipment required to make welding operations safe:

Face protection

Face is the most sensitive and vulnerable body part when it comes to welding. There is a variety of helmets with varying properties and functions available in the market. Selection of appropriate eyewear or helmets is of great importance. Wearing a helmet with cover plate and filter lens protects eyes from spatter and flying sparks. The combination of a hand shield and a helmet will protect face, forehead, eyes, neck, and ears against hazards.

Body protection

Protective clothing made of heavy materials such as cotton, leather, and wool work best for welders. Coveralls made of heavy cotton are harder to ignite. The function of a safety coverall is to not only protect a wearer's skin from hazards but also enable him to move freely while working. T-shirts or half sleeve shirts are not recommended as they do not protect arms and neck. This is why it is advisable to wear fire-resistant coveralls designed specifically for welders. A welder should not wear clothes with pockets and cuffs.

A welder has to cover almost his entire body from foot to head. For leg protection, long and durable pants that overlap the top of boots should be used. Keeping safety clothes clean and dry completely free of oil and grease is inevitable. A welder should not carry any flammable item such as cigarette lighter and matches during work.

Foot protection

Steel-toed, high-topped leather made shoes would be a good choice to protect feet from burns and injury. The bottom of a welder’s pant should be over the top of his boots so that sparks can be kept out.


Coveralls, long bib pants, helmets, and boots are some of the essential welding safety equipment. It is better to take all the precautionary measures and wear an appropriate dress that suits your profession.